Article 23 - Transparency reporting obligations for providers of online platforms

  1. In addition to the information referred to in Article 13, online platforms shall include in the reports referred to in that Article information on the following:
    1. the number of disputes submitted to the out-of-court dispute settlement bodies referred to in Article 18, the outcomes of the dispute settlement and the average time needed for completing the dispute settlement procedures;
    2. the number of suspensions imposed pursuant to Article 20, distinguishing between suspensions enacted for the provision of manifestly illegal content, the submission of manifestly unfounded notices and the submission of manifestly unfounded complaints;
    3. any use made of automatic means for the purpose of content moderation, including a specification of the precise purposes, indicators of the accuracy of the automated means in fulfilling those purposes and any safeguards applied.
  2. Online platforms shall publish, at least once every six months, information on the average monthly active recipients of the service in each Member State, calculated as an average over the period of the past six months, in accordance with the methodology laid down in the delegated acts adopted pursuant to Article 25(2).
  3. Online platforms shall communicate to the Digital Services Coordinator of establishment, upon its request, the information referred to in paragraph 2, updated to the moment of such request. That Digital Services Coordinator may require the online platform to provide additional information as regards the calculation referred to in that paragraph, including explanations and substantiation in respect of the data used. That information shall not include personal data.
  4. The Commission may adopt implementing acts to lay down templates concerning the form, content and other details of reports pursuant to paragraph 1.