Article 34 - Standards

  1. The Commission shall support and promote the development and implementation of voluntary industry standards set by relevant European and international standardisation bodies at least for the following:
    1. electronic submission of notices under Article 14;
    2. electronic submission of notices by trusted flaggers under Article 19, including through application programming interfaces;
    3. specific interfaces, including application programming interfaces, to facilitate compliance with the obligations set out in Articles 30 and 31;
    4. auditing of very large online platforms pursuant to Article 28;
    5. interoperability of the advertisement repositories referred to in Article 30(2);
    6. transmission of data between advertising intermediaries in support of transparency obligations pursuant to points (b) and (c) of Article 24.
  2. The Commission shall support the update of the standards in the light of technological developments and the behaviour of the recipients of the services in question.