Article 49 - Tasks of the Board

  1. Where necessary to meet the objectives set out in Article 47(2), the Board shall in particular:
    1. support the coordination of joint investigations;
    2. support the competent authorities in the analysis of reports and results of audits of very large online platforms to be transmitted pursuant to this Regulation;
    3. issue opinions, recommendations or advice to Digital Services Coordinators in accordance with this Regulation;
    4. advise the Commission to take the measures referred to in Article 51 and, where requested by the Commission, adopt opinions on draft Commission measures concerning very large online platforms in accordance with this Regulation;
    5. support and promote the development and implementation of European standards, guidelines, reports, templates and code of conducts as provided for in this Regulation, as well as the identification of emerging issues, with regard to matters covered by this Regulation.
  2. Digital Services Coordinators and other national competent authorities that do not follow the opinions, requests or recommendations addressed to them adopted by the Board shall provide the reasons for this choice when reporting pursuant to this Regulation or when adopting their relevant decisions, as appropriate.