Article 30 - Additional online advertising transparency

  1. Very large online platforms that display advertising on their online interfaces shall compile and make publicly available through application programming interfaces a repository containing the information referred to in paragraph 2, until one year after the advertisement was displayed for the last time on their online interfaces. They shall ensure that the repository does not contain any personal data of the recipients of the service to whom the advertisement was or could have been displayed.
  2. The repository shall include at least all of the following information:
    1. the content of the advertisement;
    2. the natural or legal person on whose behalf the advertisement is displayed;
    3. the period during which the advertisement was displayed;
    4. whether the advertisement was intended to be displayed specifically to one or more particular groups of recipients of the service and if so, the main parameters used for that purpose;
    5. the total number of recipients of the service reached and, where applicable, aggregate numbers for the group or groups of recipients to whom the advertisement was targeted specifically.